Art, Colored Pencil

Classic Red Barn Colored Pencil

This 16×20 colored pencil classic “red barn” art was completed on January 23, 2023. There was a lot of focus given to the shading and shadows, specifically the shadow of the top extended window roof casting a shadow on the…


Elephant Showers Her Baby

This 11×14 piece of art, framed in a 16×20 colored pencil art is of a mother elephant with two babies nearby. She pulls water into her trunk and sprays her baby for a shower. Started on January 20th and finished…


16×20 Ink and Colored Pencil Abstract

This black ink and colored pencil abstract has 4 main colors. Blue, red, gold and green along with a pinch of grey. There are a number of eyes, drops of water and green leaf’s wrapping around the piece. There are…