This 4 foot x 5 foot oil painting was completed on March 19, 2022. The theme is abstract mixed with reality representing a training appearing to crash into the abstract world of emotions. The reality side represents thinking and making decisions based on intelligence and the abstract represents living and making decisions with emotions.

As we all know emotions can cloud your mind and confuse you. They can lead down a road of destruction or success, we never know what the end result will be in that turmoil, but when living in reality we can make well thought out decisions based on stable information.

This is my first oil painting in many years. When I was in my youth I painted a lot and had a large collection of art. Upon becoming an adult and joining the military for the next 23 years painting disappeared from my life. Now retired from the military and operating my own website and internet marketing company provides me with some freedom to get back into art. This is my first big piece in decades and I hope you enjoy it.

Timeline over the course of two weeks