About Frank E. Davis

Welcome to Frank E. Davis’s art portfolio

Hello, my name is Frank E. Davis, and this is my art portfolio page. I was born on February 15, 1972, in Port Huron, Michigan. Raised in Michigan with a brief 1-year stay in Oklahoma City, OK My early childhood was spent living in Lexington and Croswell, MI. Later, we moved to Gladwin, MI, where we stayed until I graduated high school and joined the military in 1992.

During my 23 years in the military, I rarely created any art at all, really only a hand full of pieces. Now that I am retired from the military and operate my own website development company, I have the freedom and time needed to return to art. With so many life changes in this recent year, there is a lot of bottled-up energy, inspiration, and emotion. All of what is needed in order to inspire art

I really enjoy abstract thinking because there really aren’t any rules to it. You can explore and transform a piece of art as you go along without having a defined goal in mind. The goal actually changes as you create.

Reality art is great also, and I do enjoy a number of themes such as trains, scenery, and nature. I mainly work with oil paintings, ink, and colored pencils. But I do know how to use many other mediums and intend to do so as I move forward in creating my collection.