Neo: Our Growing German Shepherd Puppy

Life has been a whirlwind with Neo, our German Shepherd puppy, who is now seven months old. Neo takes up most of my time, but it’s been a rewarding journey. Socialization, training, and house training are our top priorities.

For socialization, we expose Neo to different environments, people, and other dogs. We take him to parks, pet-friendly stores, and on walks around the neighborhood. German Shepherds, in particular, need to be well-socialized to prevent behavioral issues. We also enroll him in puppy classes, which help with obedience and socialization skills.

Training a German Shepherd puppy requires consistency and patience. We focus on basic commands like sit, stay, and come, and gradually introduce more advanced training. Positive reinforcement is key—treats, praise, and playtime are our go-to rewards. House training is also crucial, and we stick to a regular schedule for feeding, bathroom breaks, and playtime to establish a routine.

Outdoor Projects

With the warm weather, there’s plenty of work to be done outside. Powerwashing the driveway and patio, mowing the lawn, planting grass, trees, and flowers, and building a garden are just a few of the tasks we’ve tackled. The yard is transforming beautifully with vibrant flowers and newly planted trees. Moving trees and flowers around the yard has given the garden a fresh, organized look.

Home Improvements

Inside the house, we’ve been busy with renovations. We installed new doors throughout the house, which not only look great but also improve energy efficiency. Organizing the garage was a major project, and we added shelving to maximize space and keep things tidy. We also built an outside shed for additional storage, which has been incredibly useful.

New Vehicles

We decided to upgrade our vehicles to better suit our needs living in the mountains. We got a gorgeous new truck and SUV, perfect for traveling long distances and carrying all our gear, including our cat and dog. The new vehicles have made life so much easier, especially with their enhanced safety features and storage capacity.

Wildlife and Safety

Living in the mountains comes with its own set of challenges. We’ve had lots of bear activity around the house at night, but since moving the garbage container into the garage, it’s been much quieter. We’ve also added solar lights along the driveway and around the property to improve visibility and deter wildlife.

Life Changes: Colombia vs. USA

Reflecting on how life has changed over the past couple of years since returning to the United States from Colombia, there are quite a few differences. In Colombia, life was more laid-back and community-oriented. We enjoyed the vibrant culture, delicious food, and warm weather year-round. The cost of living was lower, and we could often hire help for household tasks, which made life more convenient.

However, living in the USA has its own advantages. The infrastructure is better, with reliable utilities and services. We have access to a wider range of products and services, and there’s a greater emphasis on individualism and personal space. The natural beauty of the mountains and the changing seasons are something we missed while living in Colombia.

In Colombia, we spent more time outdoors due to the favorable climate, but we also faced challenges like intermittent power outages and limited access to certain amenities. In the USA, we enjoy the convenience of modern amenities and the safety of a well-regulated environment, but we miss the sense of community and slower pace of life in Colombia.

Overall, while both places have their unique charm and challenges, we’re grateful for the experiences we’ve had in both countries. Living in the USA has allowed us to focus on home improvement projects, enjoy outdoor activities in the mountains, and spend quality time with our growing family of pets.

Final Thoughts

As we continue to settle into our life here, we’re excited for what the future holds. Neo’s training and growth are ongoing projects, and we’re looking forward to seeing him become a well-behaved adult dog. The outdoor and indoor improvements have made our home more comfortable and functional, and the new vehicles have added a layer of convenience and safety to our travels.

Thank you for following along on our journey. We hope you are all doing well and enjoying your own adventures. Stay tuned for more updates!